WHaQ! Seasoned is a group specifically for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans women aged 45 plus. Women of all ages are wonderful older women quotebut sometimes it’s great to spend time with other women that understand where we’ve been, the experiences we’ve had, and are in the same period of life.  That’s where WHaQ! Seasoned comes in!


WHaQ! Seasoned aims at creating a safe space for mature LBT women. Another challenge that WS seeks to address are  women who come out at a later time in life and find it very difficult to cope with the changes they experience. They especially benefit from time and attention to women who know just where they’re coming from: facing the same issues and concerns.

WHaQ! looks to WHaQ! Seasoned as the future of LBT Women.  We strive to build lasting and meaningful mentoring relationships between the younger and older generations; both groups need the help and support of the other to be fully developed emotionally.Alice Walkeer quote older women

If you would like to meet other women that are mature and more settled in life, WHaQ! Seasoned is the group for you.

To join, please send an email to info@maya4women.org and include WHAQ! SEASONED in the subject line

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