So far, we’ve included links to the following cities for feminist and/or LBTQ women support groups in India.  We hope to be adding more all the time and if you find more links, PLEASE let us know by sending us an email to  Thanks!

  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Kerala
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Mumbai (Bombay) and Pune



GoodAsYou (GAY)goodasyoublr@googlemail.comHelpline: 080 2223 0959

Address: Swabhava, 4th Floor, M.S.Plaza, Sampengiramanagar, Near Shantinagar Double Road, Bangalore

Info:  Good As You is one of the oldest support groups for LGBT and Queer community in Bangalore, India.  TIME : 7-9 pm every Thursday (even on a Bharat bandh day )

WHaQ!Helpline: +91 70 22222 180

Info: WHaQ! (We’re Here and Queer) is a support group for Lesbian, Bi and Queer, Questioning and Transwomen and was set up in 2009.  The primary goal is to create support, promote fellowship,  cause awareness and increase visibility of Queer women in Bangalore.  WHaQ! Meets every Wednesday and every other Saturday.

Queer Campus BangaloreHelpline: 080 2223 0959

Info: Queer Campus Bangalore seeks to provide a safe and comfortable space to young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer individuals and allies to come together, share, collaborate, and just be themselves without the fear of being made fun of, ostracized, or misunderstood.

SangamaHelpline:  080-23416940/23412940

Info: Sangama is a sexual minorities, sex workers and people living HIV human rights organization for individuals oppressed due to their sexual preference.Sexuality minorities include, but are not limited to, hijras, kothis, doubledeckers, jogappas, lesbians, bisexuals, homosexuals, gays, Female-to-male/male-to-female transsexuals and other transgenders. We aim to help live their lives with self acceptance, self respect and dignity. We especially emphasize the concerns of sexuality minorities from poor and/or non-English speaking backgrounds and sexuality minority sex workers, who otherwise have little to no access to information and resources.

LesBitHelpline: 096323 88261 (Kolkata) 040 27674757 (Hyderabad)91 80 2343 9124 (Bangalore)

Info: LesBiT LesBiT, founded in 2005, is community support collective among working class, non-English speaking Lesbian and Bisexual cisgender women, transgender women.



OrinamInfo: Founded in 2003, Orinam is a Chennai-based and online collective of LGBT individuals and their supporters working towards a world where individuals of all sexual orientations and genders are able to access their human rights free of discrimination. Our activities include peer support, advocacy, arts and cultural programming, and referrals to local and national resources. We also run a community blog, and an online resource center with information on sexuality and gender diversity for media, communities, families, healthcare providers, educational institutions, religious groups and workplaces looking to be more inclusive.
SaathiHelpline: (044) 2817-3948, (044) 2817-394

Info: An NGO headquartered in Chennai, SAATHII works nationally and in 14 states to improve access to health care, justice and rights for marginalized people. Our focus is on people living with or vulnerable to HIV, and those disenfranchised because of their sex, gender, gender-expression and real or perceived sexual orientation. SAATHII co-organized the first LGBT film festival in Chennai way back in 2004, along with Orinam volunteers and the Alliance Francaise de Madras. It has been involved with co-organizing the Siddhartha Gautam Film Festival in Kolkata since 2003, and subsequently in several other districts in Odisha and West Bengal also.

Chennai DostHelpline: 9551630213

Info: An LGB Organization: “To create awareness and educate the society on sexual identification and orientations; developing sensitivity and empathy towards challenges faced by the LGB community; building acceptance and providing equal opportunities in the interest of the welfare of the community; and to extend support and empowerment to establish a sustainable lifestyle across all age groups through workshops, campaigns & seminars, Youth forums, local outreach, social networking and employment opportunities.”

Chennai Dost LBWInfo: Lesbian and Bisexual women wing (LBW) was established in 2011 as an initiative of Chennai Dost to enable lesbians, bisexual women and women exploring their sexuality to participate as full and equal members of society by supporting, empowering and facilitating them to achieve this end. LBW’s mission is to provide direct front-line services for women, development support for lesbian activism and effectively influence decision-making processes locally and nationally in relation to equality and law reform.
Purpose: To provide a positive lesbian identity.
To facilitate and support lesbians who organize around issues, services and supports.
To strive to meet the needs of lesbians which were not being met.
To form network and form alliances with groups and organizations who support Lesbian and Bisexual women community issues.
To develop information, referrals and advice services.
To provide open, secure and friendly meeting space for groups to meet.
To provide a base where groups can avail of practical support to carry out their work more effectively.

Helpline: 98406-99776

Info: An NGO working for social, economic, political and human rights for marginalized communities in Tamilnadu. Activities include crisis-support to LGBT individuals and sex workers, and advocacy for decriminalization and equal rights.

East-West Centre for CounselingInfo: Founded by Magdalene Jeyarathnam, the Center provides short-term, culturally sensitive and LGBT-affirmative counselling (individual and group sessions), training, consultation, and other collaborative and programmatic services.  Our areas of expertise are in counselling sexual minorities, children and adults, including parents of LGBT youth.
Shristi MaduraiHelpline: 090 92 282369

Info: If you won’t defend your rights don’t complain when you loose them – Srishti is a Student Volunteer Genderqueer group and not an NGO or CBO. Srishti aims to eliminate the homogenization of the queer community arising from the dualism -straight/queer and works to educate people about the various diversities within the queer community itself, so that people gain more understanding of the queer community which would reduce the severity of discrimination.



CREAHelpline: 91 11 2437 7707, 24378700, 24378701

Info: Founded in 2000, CREA is a feminist human rights organisation based in New Delhi, India. It is one of the few international women’s rights organisations based in the global South, led by Southern feminists, which works at the grassroots, national, regional, and international levels. Together with partners from a diverse range of human rights movements and networks, CREA works to advance the rights of women and girls, and the sexual and reproductive freedoms of all people. CREA advocates for positive social change through national and international fora, and provides training and learning opportunities to global activists and leaders through its Institutes.

NigahInfo: Nigah is a non-funded queer collective that works on issues of gender and sexuality. Apart from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, we understand queer to be any identity, politics or process that challenges dominant norms. Based in Delhi since 2003, we try to create inclusive and safe queer spaces using media, workshops and discussions. We organise events each month and entry to all events is free
TARSHIHelpline: 26472229, Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 5:30pm Indian Standard Time

Info: TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues) works towards expanding sexual and reproductive choices in people’s lives in an effort to enable them to enjoy lives of dignity, freedom from fear, infection and reproductive and sexual health problems.

Qashti LBTHelpline: 9711282081/9711282307Wed from 4-7pm and Sat from 4-7pm

Info: Qashti is a feminist non-profit, non-funded collective for and by lesbian, bisexual, FTM trans and genderqueer people who have been assigned female at birth (LBQTGFAB). This group was formed by a group of friends and aims at providing a safe space for LBQTGFAB across socio-economic classes.

SanginiHelpline: +91- 97 17 677 152, Tuesdays & Fridays, 6 to 8pm

Info: Sangini based in New Delhi, India has been providing counseling services to LBT individuals since 1997. We provide 24/7 emergency response services to LBT individuals whose human rights are being violated. Set up in 1997, under the umbrella of The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, it is the oldest non- governmental organization in India to reach out to LBT (Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) persons, and providing them with support. All our services are provided for and by the LBT community

The Naz FoundationHelpline: +91 11 2691 0499 /+91 11 41325042/+91 11 40793157-61

Info: The Naz Foundation (India) Trust (NI) is a New Delhi based NGO working on HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health since 1994. Through the years, Naz India has evolved and implemented a holistic approach to combat HIV, focusing on prevention as well as treatment. Our focus is on reaching out to marginalized populations infected and affected by HIV. We also aim to sensitize the community to the prevalence of HIV, as well as highlight issues related to Sexuality and Sexual Health.

We believe in providing quality care and support to people living with HIV.

We believe in providing unbiased factual information on sexual health and HIV to the public.

We believe in a rights-based approach.

NirantarHelpline: 91 11 2 696 6334

Info: Nirantar works towards enabling empowering education, especially for girls and women from marginalised communities. We seek to promote transformatory formal and non-formal learning processes which enable the marginalised to better understand and address their realities. Our focus on gender interlinks strongly with other social dimensions, in particular those of caste, sexuality and religion. Nirantar promotes access to information, literacy, and perspective and skill building through interactive trainings and educational resources that are simple but not simplistic. Nirantar also works at the community level and undertakes research and advocacy, particularly on critical issues which need greater attention from the State as well as civil society. Our work is strongly rooted in lives of rural women. Developing feminist leadership at the community level is an important part of our mandate.



WajoodInfo: Wajood – literally means “Existence” is a community based organization for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender), formed by a team of 5 young and energetic people. It is registered with the ‘Office of the Registrar of Societies’, Hyderabad as a society and is based out of Hyderabad, IN
Queer Campus HyderabadInfo: QCH ia a hyderabad based independent queer student group. its an initiative to provide comfortable space for LGBT people of hyderabad to meet and talk about anything related to queer. QCH organizes meets on every weekends which are free of cost and open for all.



Sahayatrikasahayatrika@gmail.comHelpline: Thursday, Friday, Saturday between 4 pm – 7 pm, phone +91-9744955866

Info: Sahayatrika Helpline (Kerala) for lesbian, bisexual women and transgender people.




Sappho For EqualityHelpline: 91 33 2441 9995 (12 pm – 8 pm except Mondays) 098315 18320 (10 am – 9 pm)Info: Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender Women who are feeling unsafe, alone, under pressure, socially ostracized and need counseling can reach us through letters, emails and over telephone. We pledge full confidentiality.All like minded persons irrespective of gender and sexual orientation supporting our cause over 18 years of age can also contact us to strengthen our movement.


Mumbai (Bombay) and Pune

Humsafar TrustHelpline: 022 2667 3800Info:
LABIAHelpline:Info: a Bombay-based autonomous, voluntary collective of lesbian and bisexual women and transpersons, with a focus on queer and feminist activism.  Since our inception in 1995, our foremost concern has been to break the isolation and invisibility around queer lives in multiple ways. To that end, we organise discussions and events in the city for queer and queer friendly people, consistently interact with students in city colleges on issues of gender and sexuality, run a film club, publish a queer zine and run a phone line for LBT persons.
YaariyanHelpline: 022 2667 3800Info: the youth wing (ages 18 to 28) of Indian LGBT activists Humsafar Trust
Bombay DostHelpline: (022) 6576 0357Info: Gay Online and Published Magazine
Umang LBT PersonsHelpline: 022 2667 3800Info: women’s wing of Humsafar Trust




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