About Maya for Women

The Maya for Women Trust aims to expand women’s choices by building visibility and opportunity of women, especially in public spaces, where women have been traditionally excluded and/or discriminated against.

Our mission is planted securely in the feminist ideal that all women are people in their own right, and deserve to live their lives with dignity, respect and choice. This is our pledge and our commitment over the last 7 years.  Maya for Women promotes equality by supporting the empowerment, visibility and choices of all women.



Through our outreach programmes, we seek to help women discover themselves through self-awareness and a greater self-esteem. Stronger women make more informed decisions about their lives and are able to access resources better to then create for themselves better opportunities.

These programmes envision the future that Maya for Women is striving to create: a world that recognizes the full potential of all women.

Maya for Women currently has four satellite groups:

If you would like to be a part of any of the support groups at Maya for Women, please send an email to info@maya4women.org and we will reply with information on how to join.

Our Herstory

Maya for Women is a private trust that was initiated by a small group of diverse women that wanted to make a very big change in the world around them by supporting and including diverse groups of women in Bangalore, India. Our vision was simple: create a world that recognizes the full potentiality of women as people in their own standing, and respects their right to actualize their lives as they see fit.

“One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.” — Sheila Murray Bethel

Our first support group collective, WHaQ!, was formed in 2009 by a handful of women that simply wanted a place to belong and to be able to speak their minds without judgement. As our membership grew, we found that our desire to make a more lasting change in our world grew as well, and finally in 2014, Maya for Women was formally registered as a Private Trust with the purpose of empowering all women through building their opportunities and visibility in society.

We continue to build on those original ideals as we learn and change. Maya for Women is dynamically oriented and we see a brighter future for us all!

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