Maya For Women is made up of its members, patrons, and its wonderful Team!

 *We will be adding the bios of our new Trustees in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!


Shraddha Undaru, Managing Trustee

Kai Reddy, Trustee

Archana Shetty, Trustee

Mari Eva Mendes – Founder, Former Managing Trustee

Mari is the founding member of Maya for Women. She is committed to Maya for Women’s feminist vision of a better world for women. She oversees the day-to-day administration of Maya for Women’s growing projects, and she also develops new programmes as we grow and the need arises. Additionally, as a certified counsellor, Mari acts as a facilitator for support groups and offers personal counselling to members as required. Mari is deeply passionate about sexuality, gender rights, and the human condition.   Outside of the sphere of Maya and counselling, you will find Mari with her dog, her plants and her family.


Jomin Joseph – Former Trustee

Jomin joined Maya for Women as a member, but has become irreplaceable as a Trustee. She keeps us all on the same page and handles our accounting and financial obligations. Her ethical integrity ensures that we remain both transparent and trustworthy to our membership, and to each other. Jomin loves the simpler things in life: good food to eat, genuine people to talk to, and quiet moments to reflect. She is passionate about travel and seeing the world and thinks of herself as a level-headed adrenaline junkie. Jomin works as an accountant to both earn her daily bread and fuel her travel aspirations.


Q’nie M. – Former Trustee

Q’nie has seen Maya for Women’s journey from the start and has supported it throughout. Her work with Maya 4 Women mainly involves developing the Maya Outdoors vertical and managing the Maya FC football squad. Her stoic loyalty and her commitment to teamwork have instilled Maya for Women’s culture with a strong sense of unity and a growing feeling of alliance among our members. She describes herself as neither an optimist or a pessimist but considers herself to be more of a realist. Having played football at both national and state levels, it goes without saying that she loves sports! Q’nie also enjoys riding her bike and being with her family.